As a Senior Java developer, I am very well familiar with agile and test-driven development environments.

Experienced in:

– Java / JEE
– Spring 3 (Core, MVC, AOP, Security, Testing)
– JPA, Hibernate, annotations
– Web services / SOAP, JSON
– XML technologies (xml, xsd, xpath, xslt)
– JUnit, Mockito, Spring Testing
– Web development
– SQL and relational databases (Oracle, DB2, SQLServer, HSQL)
– Database upgrade / rollback / migration scripts
– ExtJS 4, JQuery, JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, AJAX
– Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
– Eclipse, IntelliJ

– Agile development
– Design patterns
– OO Software design
– Requirements analysis and translation into solution designs (tech lead for several projects)
– Data modeling (xml schema design, JPA Entities, database structures)
– Source control and release management (git, svn, cvs, TFS, SourceSafe)
– Build tools (Ant, Maven)

I believe I’m a strong team player, and I encourage healthy and productive solution and design discussions where everyone can contribute openly and code ownership is shared within the team.

Working in several large organisations has given me experience in environments with teams spanning multiple nations and cultures, and where close customer interaction and frequently changing business requirements is the norm.

In my own time, I’m currently learning Node.js.

Feel free to contact me about any Java contracting roles you or your company have available.

Specialties: Java/JEE, web services, xml technologies, data modeling, application design


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