I am working in a very complex env.
The file I needed, ServiceInstanceServiceTypeEnum.class is unfortunately included in THREE different jars.
That file is changed by the related team. However the change is only reflected in one of the three jars (let’s say they are called A.jar, B.jar and C.jar). The changed class is only included in C.jar.
Unfortunately my code only pick up the ServiceInstanceServiceTypeEnum class in A.jar which does not contain the changes.
I do not think it is a good design to include a file in different jars. But I am not the designer.
Actually if the related team can help me to include their changes in A.jar and B.jar too, it will not be an issue. But for some reason they can not do that.
Change the sequence of those THREE jars in pom.xml and make C.jar the first one.
This may lead to some other unknown issue, but I think this is the only thing I can do at this stage.