Most of the new computers in the market are shipping with Windows 8, should we switch to Microsoft’s latest OS?


Speed and energy-efficiency: Due to the new algorithms and data structures within the core of the OS, Windows 8 is able to run the same functions with fewer instructions, making it quicker and more energy-efficient.

The apps developed to run on Windows 8 must first be Microsoft approved and then contained within Microsoft’s ‘security sandbox’, AppContainer, to help limit the damage rogue apps can do. A new feature called Secure Boot also enhances your IT security by checking the OS for corruption upon start up.

There is also an integrated app for Microsoft’s Skydrive making it even easier than Dropbox to sync your files between devices. But I do not think integration with Skype is a good idea.


Steeplearning curve: There is a huge gape between Windows 7 and 8. Even for me, a 10 year+ IT person, found it hard to get started when I first saw Win 8

Unsupported applications: Some apps cannot run very well under Windows 8 (although Microsoft have also provided a handy Upgrade Assistant which will scan your system for any unsupported apps, programs or hardware. You can download it free from the Windows 8 website.)

Based on my personal experience, I think it is it too early to switch to Windows 8 for normal users.